Bandsaw Cast iron table won't lock

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Re: Bandsaw Cast iron table won't lock

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garys wrote: Sat Sep 25, 2021 3:06 pm
That's a very common problem. People take things apart and either lose parts or reassemble them wrong so they no longer work. This type of failure is probably more common than actual machine failure in use.
I see this every day on old cars. People want to "restore" them, but don't have the skills to do it. So, they take them apart and never get them working again.
Technology has saved me in this regard. We can take high resolution pictures with something that for some reason is called a 'phone'. I used to write things down and tape labels to wires and all the other little tricks but it never worked as well for me as pictures do. Diagrams can be wrong or unclear. Pictures printed in a manual usually don't provide every angle with ever detail, and zooming in on them is difficult. Pictures don't lie, well not in this sense anyway, and you can take a lot of from different directions at no extra charge. Also, 'phones' have a very bright little spotlight on the back that is useful too. Those wonderful devices may even do other things I don't even know about.
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Re: Bandsaw Cast iron table won't lock

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I too like using picture when disassembling things to get them back the way they were. It is also a good idea to check drawings to see that an item was together correctly. As you said the phone is very handy for those pictures. Other than taking pictures I get ringing on it from places I don't know and most likely don't want to talk to.

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