Cleaning the sanding disc?

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Cleaning the sanding disc?

Post by ehbowen »

When I acquired my new-to-me 1980 Shopsmith the 12" sanding disc had a piece of adhesive-backed sandpaper which had apparently been there since...1980. The sandpaper came off easily enough, but there's a lot of lumpy and hard-to-remove adhesive still stuck to the steel sanding disc. What's the best way to clean it off? Acetone? Alcohol? Scraping? Or bite the bullet and buy a new disc?
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Re: Cleaning the sanding disc?

Post by nuhobby »

Solvent such as acetone does help -- but particularly if everything gets good and warm out in the sun.

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Re: Cleaning the sanding disc?

Post by wa2crk »

Lacquer thinner works also but it is extremely flammable. As Chris said warming it is also recommended. You get good hot sun in Houston. My sister in law lives there.
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Re: Cleaning the sanding disc?

Post by edma194 »

You probably need solvent to get all the gunk off but you could mount the disk and use a scouring pad or something like that while it runs to get the heaviest material off.

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Re: Cleaning the sanding disc?

Post by dusty »

Leave the disc out in the afternoon sun for a couple hours and then (with it still hot) clean the surface with acetone. Be liberal with the acetone. Be prepared to "scrap" some of the deposit off with a plastic putty knife.
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Re: Cleaning the sanding disc?

Post by JPG »

Y'all missed the most significant point. He can reuse his!

WHOOPS! That was a different recent thread. (freezer then pull disk off and adhesive stays with the adhesive disc leaving the metal disc clean)
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