How to paint the access badge?

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How to paint the access badge?

Post by coldje »

I've read a few threads in this section on headstock rebuilds. I'm still not sure how people are masking the letters when repainting the access badge.
My wife suggested a watercolor liquid called mask that can be removed after painting. Does anyone have experience painting the speed dial or access badge?
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Re: How to paint the access badge?

Post by nuhobby »

I had some where I dribbled on red Testors enamel (model paint), then I neatly swabbed the badge across a flat paper towel soaked with acetone. I believe it was Bill Mayo who had done it this way as well.
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Re: How to paint the access badge?

Post by wa2crk »

I painted the whole thing red and then sanded the letters by putting the badge on a piece of sandpaper to take the paint off the letters. Progress through 400 or 600 grit and it looked OK
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Re: How to paint the access badge?

Post by chapmanruss »

I have sanded off the paint on similar logos found on Shopsmith/Magna tools like Bill V has done. I believe it is the way they are originally done at the factory.

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