Window surround

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Re: Window surround

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When cross cutting veneered plywood I score the cut line with a sharp knife and then cut on the "scrap side" of the score.

Doing this is almost a necessity (at least for me) when using Box Store plywood. With quality grade plywood such as that from Woodworkers Source I find it less necessary. Sadly, when you discover that it was necessary it is too late.

Nice job though even if you did have some splinters.
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Re: Window surround

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How are you planning to use the bottom section(s)?
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Re: Window surround

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JPG wrote: Wed Jun 09, 2021 11:21 pm +++++

How are you planning to use the bottom section(s)?
I have a few large plastic storage totes that will fit the bays.

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Re: Window surround

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Great Job!
Good idea taking pictures of the assembly process. I never think of taking pictures until something is done.
Looks super. I love the way Red Oak plywood looks.
Red Oak ply wood is what I used also. I too scored with a utility knife before I dadoed. Kind of a pain but necessary after trying a sample cut.
I only did two shelves that way, the rest were holes and shelf brackets. I'm not smart enough to figure where I want the shelves.
Now trim the edges with cherry and it will look a lot like the one I did.
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