Laminate cutting all by itself

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Re: Laminate cutting all by itself

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Glad it turned out well so far. Yeah, a good blade in a tracksaw is a wonderful thing...I continue to appreciate mine more and more.
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Re: Laminate cutting all by itself

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Back in the early 2000’s we used a lot of laminate mostly Formica. Our supplier first used a laminate knife but changed to panel saw with laminate blade. Finally he went to a track saw with a laminate blade. Not sure what he using now. I do know his employees fought over who got to use the track saw.
They always rolled the product before delivering it to us. A few moments rolled out in sun would flatten the product.
One thing be very careful handling any kickback where the laminate edge can slide on your hand will lay it open. Very hard to heal if wound gets loaded with laminate dust.
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Re: Laminate cutting all by itself

Post by reible »

The formica still has a ways to go to be flat. Setting it in the sun helped but it certainly didn't fix it. The cut parts are going for dry fit and depending on how that goes, perhaps instantiation.

One has to wonder how long the formica was rolled up in the box before I got it. Days? Weeks? Months? A year? And where was it stored, a hot location or worse where the sun could shine on it?

I have my J-roller out and am thinking the curl will roll out into the glue and be fine. If not and I wreck it well then I will have to rethink the project.

I've cut up sheets with a circular saw and the edges were so so but that was OK since the material was over sized and I would be trimming them to size with a router. I couldn't do that on this project so I was a little worried about how the cuts would turn out but the blade did a near perfect job, in fact as good as I have gotten with a router.

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