A short while ago on youtube

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A short while ago on youtube

Post by reible »

I watch several youtube channels and have them set to flag new postings but it is not often that I actually decide to do a project I see there. Well in this case I had most of the materials on hand and I was thinking of making my son a birthday gift for his up coming day. So since I have not posted a project in a while I figured this might be of interest to you. Keep in mind the idea is not mine and the jig is not my idea, just how I executed it. I'll link the video to the person who should get the credit later in the posting.

Just to keep your interest I will not disclose what is being made, but I think you will figure it out as you go.

I started with a chunk of left over 2 x 4 and cut off a 6" section. The remainder needs to be long enough to go at a diagonal across your shopsmith table so that you can use one of the way tubes for an attachment point pivot and have room to clamp the 2 x 4 to your main table.

The 6" piece I marked with a center line down the length and a cross line at the 3" point. I drilled two 1/8" holes near one end, I went with 1/2" in from the end and a 1/2" from the edges. This is not critical. I then used the same drill to put a hole at the center point of the part. Again this is not all that critical.
gb1.jpg (204.58 KiB) Viewed 4028 times
The other hunk of left over 2 x 4 I arranged so it was supported at the left tube and then had it center line in line with where the drill bit would drill. I then trimmed the 2 x 4 more or less even with the main table so there wasn't extra hanging out over the table.

I then clamped that 2 x 4 so it was against the left tube again and clamped the other end to the main table. Now using the 1/8" drill bit lowered and locked in the center hole of the 6" piece I clamped the two parts together. Then you can screw the 6" part to the 2 x 4 after moving things around to work. I used a couple of 2-1/2" blue kreg screws for this.

Now you need to get things aligned again which you do with the 1/8" bit and the left tube., and again clamp the 2 x 4 to the main table. You need a 1-11/16" drill and go just through the top section of 2 x 4. Clean out the chips and go to a 1" bit and drill into the lower 2 x 4 about a 1/2" or so.
gb2.jpg (233.75 KiB) Viewed 4028 times
Using a sliding miter box saw or what ever you have you now cut just the top 2 x 4 on its center line. It is OK to cut into the bottom 2 x 4 just be careful to not damage the cut off or yourself.
gb3.jpg (145.7 KiB) Viewed 4028 times
With the 1" bit used as a locator and the 2 x 4 against the tube you again clamp the board down to the main table. A golf ball is then aligned in the jig and clamped between the top 2 x 4 parts. You are now all set to drill a golf ball for a magnet. I have my magnets on order so when they arrive I will check the depth before I glue it in.
gb4.jpg (117.7 KiB) Viewed 4028 times
gb5.jpg (155.05 KiB) Viewed 4028 times
gb6.jpg (100.93 KiB) Viewed 4028 times
As some of you may know I use golf balls in my planters to discourage the chipmunks from planing seeds in my flower tubs. I by bags of golf balls at a time do this. They are what they call shag practice balls. They ran me $24 for 96 balls to give you a price point for what I have on hand. If you are a golfer then you may already have a source of balls and if you want a really nice gift then get some new ones might make sense.

The magnets are 1" diameter and 1/8" thick, I ordered mine from here:

https://totalelement.com/collections/di ... n48-8-pack

They are not cheap so if you are so inclined shop around. For me the just over a dollar a magnet seemed OK and faster to just do it.

Now if you want to see the original you can go here:


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Re: A short while ago on youtube

Post by bainin »

Your shag golf ball story brought back some memories. As kids, my brother and I used to walk up the train tracks a few miles where we would drop down into the river just above a local golf course. Wading and diving the river past the golfers and the course, we would pick up between 100 and 200 balls on the river bed depending on how long it had been since we last had gone thru. Not shag balls-these were usually single hit balls that only got off the tee once or twice :)

Many times, you'd hear a ball ripping thru the leaf cover , descending with a kerplunk right next to you hehe. Dangerous? probably-we were aware enough to dive under when we heard them coming.

Many times, the golfer would come along and ask if we had seen it- and we'd get a dollar for its return. Hate to take a lost ball penalty !

After passing the course, we'd clamber out dragging the bags of recovered balls back to the course clubhouse- where we'd sell them to the course for use as range balls.

Half a day of walking, swimming, diving and collecting a reward. Hard to imagine a better use of a long summer day !

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Re: A short while ago on youtube

Post by JPG »

Wonder now that jig will work with a 'wound' ball! :D
╟JPG ╢

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Re: A short while ago on youtube

Post by joedw00 »

I just watched that video last night.

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Re: A short while ago on youtube

Post by reible »

Nice colorful swarf! Drilled the 6 balls for this project and found a collection of colors from the outer jacket as well as what is inside.
swarf2.jpg (246.88 KiB) Viewed 1215 times
I put the magnets on a piece of metal tubing to sand. Had some 50 grit and used that.
gb1a.jpg (205.43 KiB) Viewed 1215 times
They are glued and waiting the 24 hour cure time.
gb2a.jpg (192.85 KiB) Viewed 1215 times
Hope the CA holds well enough. These magnets are pretty strong and I managed to get two stuck together, a real effort needed to get them back apart.

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Re: A short while ago on youtube

Post by db5 »

Bet you had a ball doing that project.
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Re: A short while ago on youtube

Post by Ed in Tampa »

db5 wrote: Sat Jan 16, 2021 11:48 am Bet you had a ball doing that project.
Oh my aching back! 🥴🥸
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