New in the shop this week UJK Worktop Anti Slip

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New in the shop this week UJK Worktop Anti Slip

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These just come in today. They were part of an order from Axminster Tools, some of which had already arrived but this has been scheduled for delivery since Thursday and it is now Saturday. The other item will will cover at a later date when I have my MFT out and about. These will of course work for any 20mm hole and as such should provide some very good anti slip. I do have some other larger versions which happen to be for 3/4" holes and all plastic but sometimes I have those in use other places and this way I should always have some ready for use. Besides the postage was going to be $20 anyway so adding there took better advantage of that fee.

This set I think I will keep by the drill press. They sure don't take up much room when stacked and I don't see anyway I will damage them here. Nice to have workpieces not trying to swing around when drilling and rather then having to clamp all the time these should work well for those not so potential issues on lighter stock, especially wood and plastic.
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Haven't done any drilling with them but they really hold things in place with just a little downward pressure. Can't see them being anything but an asset for me.

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