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New member here...

Post by Mrjlr »

Hello all.....I'm Jeff

I'm new here.
I just brought home my father's 1966 (I believe) Shopsmith Mark V after my father's passing...
I was born in '66 and remember this thing as long as I can remember anything!
My dad did a lot of really nice turning on it....bowls, legs, was my introduction to lathes and for 35 years I've made my living as a machinist - CNC lathes and mills...
Anyway, she's in my garage now next to my 'Cuda and it needs some love I'm more than happy to give her.
She needs a drive belt, new power cord, a good cleaning and misc that I don't know yet.

I'm not much of a wood worker...metal is easy, wood is quite different!

Just introducing myself....I'll have questions I'm sure!
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Re: New member here...

Post by SkullsquadronX »

Welcome to the Shopsmith forum Jeff and good luck with your father’s greenie.
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Re: New member here...

Post by bainin »

I'll take that old -in the way- Cuda out of there for you- then you'll have all the room you need !

Welcome :)
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Re: New member here...

Post by DLB »

Welcome to the forum Jeff. The "Greenie" color scheme on your Shopsmith dates it about a decade older than you are thinking, 1950's. If you want a better estimate there is a Serial Number on the vent plate surrounding the lower auxiliary drive shaft that will lead to a manufacturing date or close approximation. Depending on maintenance and upgrades over the years, yours will most likely have the original 3/4 HP motor, Gilmer upper belt, single bearing quill... Lots of experience and expertise here for any questions you may have. A great place to start is this thread for new owners: viewtopic.php?f=10&t=7092 This will help with regular maintenance as well as the all-important do's and don'ts. One thing to know, especially for a new woodworker, is these older machines did not come with the sort of safety features that one would expect today (though some were available as options). I have a similar Greenie, lacking upper and lower saw guards as a prime example.

Beautiful car, from what I can see.

- David
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Re: New member here...

Post by chapmanruss »


Let me add a welcome to the Forum also. As David has already said your Shopsmith Mark 5 "Greenie" was made in the 1950's. The "Greenie" colors were used from the introduction of the Mark 5 in 1954 to 1960 when it changed to the "Goldie" paint colors. By 1966 the Mark 5 was already out of production.

From the pictures I see it is the "B" headstock and has only 2 screws holding on the belt cover. That and other things I see make me believe it was made around 1957 or 1958. As David said the serial number would tell more. Being over 60 years old replacing the power cord is a good idea as the insulation gets brittle with age. Shorts from broken insulation are not a good thing.

Over all it looks to be in pretty good shape. Read the manuals, service it and enjoy. We are always here to help.

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Re: New member here...

Post by beeg »

Clean it up, oil it, then align it and your ready to go.
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Re: New member here...

Post by cham-ed »

Mrjlr I had to chuckle you reflect a lot of the things I heard with from machinists or years in manufacturing. One of my best friends said the thing he couldn't cope with was you could cut a piece of wood and tomorrow it might 2 or 3 thou different than what it was today.
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Re: New member here...

Post by robinson46176 »

One of the early things that you will notice about this group is the level of knowledge and willingness to help.
The second thing you will notice will be how many of us will blow up your pictures and study your shop area down to the tiniest details including reading the labels on containers. :D :D :D
We are a diverse bunch with all kinds of interest and different things are important to each of us. Some of us are only interested in woodworking and some of us have more hobbies and activities than should be allowed. :)
I've been just lurking a lot this year but still trying to follow along. I hope to get more woodshop time in this winter.
There are a number of restoration threads posted here and I'm sure someone knows where they are and will post their location. I don't recall right now but then I have been known to misplace a truck... :rolleyes: :o :D

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Re: New member here...

Post by JPG »

The first nit picking suggestion is to mount the rip fence correctly. ;)
╟JPG ╢

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