Re: Questions about a shopsmith mark v model 510.

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Re: Questions about a shopsmith mark v model 510.

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Re: Questions about a shopsmith mark v model 510.

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PacoBelan wrote: Thu Jun 10, 2021 1:21 pm Is a shopsmith mark v model 510 a good investment for a newb? Space is an issue. It's used and they are asking $1000 for it. It has a bandsaw, jointer, table saw and lathe. Any advise would be much appreciated.
If it has pics on line, or if you have pics, consider posting the link or the pics. People here can advise on condition, anything missing from the pics, or anything extra that would make it more valuable. We may also know of something in your area that might be a better choice. Price/value are very regional, $1K is in the normal range for a 510 but it is kind of a wide range. I, like most of the people on this forum, think the Mark V is a good choice both for newbs and for limited space. Bandsaw and Jointer are probably the two most important accessories, so that is a plus. I'm a fan of the 520, but they show up less often and typically go for a bit higher price.

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Re: Questions about a shopsmith mark v model 510.

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If it's in good condition and has all the accessories then it's not a bad price. There are a lot of parts that normally come with the machine, a drill chuck, floating tables, table extension tubes, table extension support legs, lathe chisels, upper and lower saw guard, lathe centers, sanding disk, the list goes on. Many used machines are missing some of these pieces. Some parts are no big deal, easily replaceable at low cost, others are more necessary and cost more to replace. Then you have to consider the condition of the bandsaw and jointer also. $1000 is not a bad price if the condition is good and almost all the parts are there. Location matters too as already mentioned. At least it indicates a reasonable starting price, I've seen 510s listed the same way offered for $2500 or more. Those ads stay up for a long time.
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Re: Questions about a shopsmith mark v model 510.

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br549 recommended downloading and reading the PDF "Buying a Used Shopsmith" which is a great place to start before actually purchasing one. He also recommended
If you are just learning about Shopsmith, you may want to do a little more research on the forum to learn more about the history, the evolution of the various models, and compatibility (or lack of) between some of the various parts and accessories.
For that a good start for you may be at the link below for the Forum thread titled "Shopsmith Mark 5 What When and Where"
A lot of woodworkers will argue against getting a multi tool like the Shopsmith but for functionality, compactness and versatility it cannot be beat.

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Re: Questions about a shopsmith mark v model 510.

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Something to think about is what you will use it for ,also look into upgrades , when I bought the one I have I paid 500 . all it had was the Jig saw a little sand and a few saw blades and lathe chisels and the books . so far I have replaced the casters bought a band saw and several other accessories pretty sure I now have a lot more in it than that price, I did a table and fence upgrade , the MKV table is a bit small for my needs but I still use it and its carriage . IMO the bandsaw and jointer ,,, if they are in good shape,, is a plus .
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Re: Questions about a shopsmith mark v model 510.

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This is SPAM. The OP has added 2 links to his original post They are both chat rooms and one gave me an alert from my security software (ESET Internet Security).

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