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Need chuck help

Post by seafish »

I am new, I know nothing.
Had a Supershop machine gifted to me, have very little information (diagrams, parts list) about this machine.
The chuck that came with it had square non self aligning, maybe designed more for metal work?
I purchased a 556212 Nova G3 Lathe Chuck Package self aligning chuck from Shopsmith.
I had expected it to fit, screw on easily, have the correct adapter.
When I remove the original chuck I have threads that have a diameter of about 2 1/4 inches.
The rod that enter from the left end of the motor unit and screws into the back of the chuck on the right side of the motor unit is about a 1/2 in diameter.

I am sure I have used incorrect terms and have not described the issue fully, but if someone has some help it will be appreciated.
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Re: Need chuck help

Post by edma194 »

I don't know any details about the Supershop but the original chuck you describe sounds like a typical metal lathe chuck with a wide center hole that allows pieces to pass through the chuck for various purposes. Non-self centering chucks are also common on metal lathes. The Nova chuck is a typical wood lathe chuck that doesn't have any center hole but is self-centering.

You can go to this forum page and click on the red My Google Drive link just below the title. You'll find a folder on that page for FoxSuperShop that contains a manual and other information.

Is a self-centering chuck your goal? Is there some other reason to use the Nova chuck?

Before I broach other possibilities I see that the manual I indicated above points out that a screw center can be mounted in a collet chuck. I'm sure other centers can be mounted that way, and possibly a simple 5/8" secondary adapter you could make for the Nova chuck. I recall this has been done for using a variety of Shopsmith accessories on the Supershop. So, do you have the collet chuck that the machine had originally? Whatever you do with this machine you will probably want to acquire one if you don't have one now.

ETA: I have assumed you want to use the Nova chuck for wood turning. I do not think it has been designed for metal working use.
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Re: Need chuck help

Post by rpd »

Here is a link to the Super Shop manual that you can download. ... al.pdf?149

And this post on Lumberjocks may be helpful, scroll down to comment #15 in particular
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