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Another new guy.

Post by Rotorhead511 »

Picked this up last week. Serial# 120790
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Had no idea what a Shopsmith was and the jointer on this caught my eye. I'd been looking for a jointer for a while to finish a dining room table. The first picture of this SS was that part of it. Then I started digging. I liked what I saw. I have a small shop and a spars collection of cheap power tools. The owner was asking $800 and it came with a band saw also.

Seemed like a good enough deal and worth a look.

I put $700 in my pocket and off I went thinking I'll try to get it for even less than that.

I wish I had come to this forum first to get an idea of what to look for. But when I walked in I knew it was in good shape. After the owner start explaining things to me and demonstrating its operation I notice the band saw was on a power station and there was a vacuum system in the corner.
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When he was done I needed to clarify what was in the deal. SS Mark V 510, jointer, band saw, power station, vacuum system and all accessories. "Yup". I felt bad only bringing $700, I really felt it was worth way more especially with how little wear it showed. I didn't try to haggle just offer what I had in my pocket and he accepted. He also threw in two ball bearing type feed tables as we were loading.

So far I've cleaned and lubed the head stock and will wax and align every piece before I start going to town.

My Lowe's brand (Task Force) bench top band saw and drill press are gone. Ryobi table saw will be stored for occasional outside use when needed. And my small shop is now upgraded and transformed.

I think I'm looking forward to the lathe the most.

Looking forward to lots of Q&A on this forum.

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Re: Another new guy.

Post by garys »

You got a fantastic deal there. You have years of fun ahead of you using it.
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Re: Another new guy.

Post by wa2crk »

I would suggest just to check the alignments and not adjust anything unless it is necessary. You did good to clean and lube everything first. Your equipment appears to be in real good shape. Just remember "safety first, last and always".
Welcome to the forum!!!
Bill V
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Re: Another new guy.

Post by ChrisNeilan »

Great deal. Welcome to the forum. Be sure to regularly oil the headstock internals, and if you did not already know, NEVER turn the speed dial when the machine if off.
Chris Neilan

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