Mark VII wood lathe chuck

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Mark VII wood lathe chuck

Post by coyote »

I'm new to woodworking and I want to start turning wood bowls on my SS VII. I am not sure what type of wood chuck I need that will work. Currently my SS has a 5/8 shaft with no threads. Do I need an adapter or something else? What type of wood chuck is best? Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.
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Re: Mark VII wood lathe chuck

Post by garys »

Do you have a basic faceplate with your unit? If so, try it as it might be the cheapest way to start and get a feel for this work. Or, you might purchase one. ... plates.htm
You can screw a piece of sacrificial wood to the faceplate and then glue your workpiece to it with wood glue and a sheet of paper between the workpiece and the sacrificial wood. The paper allows it to release when finished.

If you find that you are going need something more involved, you can look into other options like the Nova chuck.

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Re: Mark VII wood lathe chuck

Post by chapmanruss »

Although the old Mark VII has a number of differences than any of the Mark 5/V models they all have the same size 5/8" spindle on their headstocks. Any of the lathe turning accessories (drives, tailstock centers, face plates etc.) for the Shopsmith Mark series tools will work.

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Re: Mark VII wood lathe chuck

Post by rpd »

Here is a video that shows tuning a bowl without using a chuck. With the Shopsmith you advance the quill to secure the work piece instead of using the tailstock, but the concept is the same.
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Re: Mark VII wood lathe chuck

Post by scollins »

A Nova G3 chuck ($139 - max swing is 14") or Supernova 2 chuck ($189 - max swing is 20") will work fine and is available from anyone that sells lathe equipment. These chucks usually come without the insert that threads into the back of the chuck to attach to your lathe. Nova makes a 5/8" non-threaded insert. All of Nova's inserts and jaws with work with all of their chucks. They do have some dedicated insert packages, you can not change out the inserts on these and they will not work on a SS. I use the Supernova 2 on my Mark V.
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