Movies you'll watch every time list

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Movies you'll watch every time list

Post by GoNavy »

Coming off of db5's thread on "movie on tv" got me to thinking, what movies do you watch every time they come on, my list is long, but here are a few

Run Silent Run Deep we talked about that one in the other thread, I'll watch every time I see it.

for military type movie
-Seven days in May- Kirk Douglas
-Judgement at Nuremberg - Spencer Tracy
-Twilight's Last Gleaming - can't go wrong with Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas
-Operation Petticoat - Cary Grant, Tony Curtis
-Wackiest ship in the Army - Jack Lemmon, Ricky Nelson
-Strategic Air Command - Jimmy Stewart (actually any movie Jimmy's in I'll watch) especially "Harvey", "No Highway in the Sky", "It's a Wonderful Life" we could go on this list forever any thing he is in ... I'll watch.

Regular movies
-Miracle on 34th street - Edmund Gwenn, Natalie wood, John Payne, Maureen O'hare..must watch every year, I have no idea how many times I have seen this
-Inherit the wind - Spencer Tracy
-Father Goose - Cary Grant well absolutely watch every time
-High and the Mighty - John Wayne, will watch most big John movies but this is my favorite, hard to find on TV, the family pulled several of his movies and very seldom release them for viewing, this is one of them.

Not a complete list, but off the top of my head must see movies in my opinion, movies I'll watch every time they come on. So whats on your list...
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Re: Movies you'll watch every time list

Post by algale »

This list could go on and on. Here's 10. The first three are military.

Dr. Strangelove
Mr. Roberts

Citizen Kane
Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream house
The Thin Man
The Apartment
Singing in the Rain
North by Northwest
The Searchers
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Re: Movies you'll watch every time list

Post by garys »

My list is short.


I haven't gone to a movie theater in years and I find it very difficult to sit through an entire movie on TV. Mostly, when a movie is on TV, I watch a few minutes of it, turn it off, and go do something interesting.
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Re: Movies you'll watch every time list

Post by ryanbp01 »

I like Patton
Dr. Strangelove
The Godfather trilogy
Blazing Saddles
Shoes of the Fisherman
Stars Warsaw and Stars Trek
There are others as well.
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Re: Movies you'll watch every time list

Post by masonsailor2 »

Don’t forget “The Big Lebowski” !
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Re: Movies you'll watch every time list

Post by wa2crk »

My list isn't long but I go with
"Quigley down under" Tom Selleck
The Manchurian Candidate" (the original)Frank Sinatra and Laurence Harvey
"The Odessa Files" John Voight, Maximiliam Schell

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Re: Movies you'll watch every time list

Post by rpd »

The Wife re watches movies with Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts, or Hugh Grant.

Most things I watch now have been prerecorded or are on Netflix, so I don't just run across movies on TV any more, but back when I did the Die Hard movies used to get me every time.
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Re: Movies you'll watch every time list

Post by SkullsquadronX »

I now this is a year old post but so what.

For me it’s Star Wars, The Wolverine, any of the Marvel Studios, and Battleship.
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Re: Movies you'll watch every time list

Post by P89DC »

In order:
Cool Hand Luke
Quiet Man
African Queen
Das Boat
Pink Panther (1964?)
First Star Wars (the one that came out in 1979)
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Re: Movies you'll watch every time list

Post by roy_okc »

Can't believe nobody has mentioned The Shawshank Redemption. Also:

Many movies with or by Bogart, Cary Grant, Steve McQueen, Mel Brooks.

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