Health issues

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Health issues

Post by shipwright »

I have just had my second attack of pancreatitis in less than a year so I will have to leave my winter home in Green Valley Az. for good on very short notice. In fact I have been told I will be medivaced back to Canada tomorrow. I can’t advertise my stuff here but I’m in the process of joining the Facebook “Shopsmith Sales Group”. I have a lot of SS stuff.

I hope this doesn’t break the rule :-)

Paul M
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Re: Health issues

Post by everettdavis »

Praying for your speedy recovery from this. Father will You intervene for Paul and do what doctors alone cannot. AMEN

Gene Howe
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Re: Health issues

Post by Gene Howe »

Very sorry to hear this, Paul. Praying for a fast recovery.
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Ed in Tampa
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Re: Health issues

Post by Ed in Tampa »

You are in our prayers. Best to you!
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Re: Health issues

Post by ChrisNeilan »

Good luck, Paul. Take care and speedy recovery.
Chris Neilan

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Re: Health issues

Post by masonsailor2 »

Good luck Paul. Our prayers are with you.
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Re: Health issues

Post by JPG »

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Re: Health issues

Post by reible »

Sorry to hear of your issues but we can add you to our pray list.

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Re: Health issues

Post by edflorence »

Very sorry to hear of your troubles. Will be praying for you.
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Re: Health issues

Post by thunderbirdbat »

Get well soon.

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