Model 10E for sale

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Re: Model 10E for sale

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I have a model 10E s/n 6830 that I inherited from my father 20-25 years ago. It sat in storage accumulating dust and some surface rust. I have recaptured a shop space and am building it out. With other tools that I have I really don't need the ShopSmith for use as a table saw, drill press, or jointer. I do not have a lathe and plan to use this as my dedicated lathe. My father made nice antique reproduction furniture with this machine in a tiny corner of our basement. He had bought just about all the accessories. It has the variable speed attachment mounted. I know it works as I have turned it on a few times over the years and nothing seems bound up and everything moves freely. Any suggestions about using this as a dedicated lathe and holding onto the other parts for posterity?
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Re: Model 10E for sale

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The first edition of Power Tool Woodworking For Everyone is 10E/ER specific and has a good chapter on using the Lathe function.
link ... 0Davis.pdf

This link is to a post with links to online resources for the 10E/ER's

I would keep the parts together for eventual resale or passing to the next generation. :)
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