Customer Service Update - January 2021

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Customer Service Update - January 2021

Post by ElizabethShopsmith »

Hello! As some of you may have seen on the company's Facebook page, we want you to know that we have heard your feedback about your experiences with Customer Service and we are taking steps to correct the issues we've had. We absolutely have been listening and trying to meet the demand as best we are able. It's been a rough start to the year for Customer Service, at one point all three reps were out with serious illness and while they tried their best to continue to take calls and answer emails from home, it was impossible for them to keep up with the demand. Additionally, our call management system decided it had reached the end of it's functional life last week which brought almost everything to a grinding halt. I don't share this with you in order to make excuses for not being able to get the information you are looking for, just hoping that it may help explain the recent delays. Now for the good news! Everyone is healthy and back in the office and next week we are rolling out a new CRM platform that should help eliminate some of the major complaints folks were having with the existing system. Hopefully, getting stuck in queue purgatory, or waiting on hold just to have the call dropped when CS attempts to connect to your call will be a thing of the past.

We humbly ask for your patience with customer service while we get back up to speed. They have very little control over call volumes, wait times, or the number of email inquiries they receive that need to be addressed. I think earlier this week, they had roughly 1200 emails to try to respond to and nearly 500 voicemail messages. They are working very hard to get to everyone as quickly as possible.

Thanks, Elizabeth B. ... 4722652603
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Re: Customer Service Update - January 2021

Post by garys »

Hang in there and keep trying. I for one am willing to wait when I need support from Shopsmith. There is no other company left in existence that still provides parts and service for tools this age. Everyone else junked their old stuff years ago.

Keep up the good work. (pat on the back!)
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Re: Customer Service Update - January 2021

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Re: Customer Service Update - January 2021

Post by edma194 »

These are tough times, I can show a little patience.
Ed from Rhode Island

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Re: Customer Service Update - January 2021

Post by joedw00 »

Thanks for the update.

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Re: Customer Service Update - January 2021

Post by claimdude »

Great news!!!

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Re: Customer Service Update - January 2021

Post by edriley »

Thanks for the update.
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Re: Customer Service Update - January 2021

Post by Cliffy »

Communication That's all I wanted Thanks and waiting until next week to try again
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