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Prices have been all over the place on Craig's List lately, although ad volume seems down right now, probably will pick up again in the spring.

The most I paid for a whole machine was $500 for my 510, and it came with a bandsaw and stand-alone planer. However, I did pay for a PowerPro upgrade kit which was quite a bit more than that.

I have seen a lot of Greenies for sale recently, all at too high of a price. No matter how good they look they are likely due for some work soon so I can't see paying more than $150 for one. It's likely missing some parts too. These things just can't be worth the $500 or more being asked so often. Sometimes the accessories make it worth while. I paid $300 for an 80s Model 500 that came with a bandsaw and belt sander, and had immaculate legs and casters. With the extra arbors and other parts it came with it turned out to be a decent deal.

I'd recommend first timers aim very high, or very low. If you want a machine that gets you going without problems, buy a new machine or lightly used machine, pay the premium price, and don't worry about maintenance issues. Or buy low, don't waste money, be prepared to spend some on maintenance right away, learn how to keep your machine running for the rest of your life, and with the money you saved you can buy a couple of more and restore them for less than you would have spent on a new one to start with.
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