Shopsmith model ER serial#r48245

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Shopsmith model ER serial#r48245

Post by Dlively64 »

I just acquired this beauty it has bunch of extra parts. But I don’t have a clue how to work it. Anybody know where I can get a manual for this.
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Re: Shopsmith model ER serial#r48245

Post by rpd »

Congratulations. They do have a certain beauty.

The post in this link has links to manuals and other online resources. :)

Anything you can't identify, post pictures, we will be happy to put a name to them.
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Re: Shopsmith model ER serial#r48245

Post by chapmanruss »

Welcome to the Shopsmith Forum.

The link Ron gave you references a lot of great information. One is where you can find a restored PDF version of a 10ER Manual. A direct link is below. ... EpSUm9GMW8

It can also be found under the Maintenance and Repair section for Shopsmith Large Format Drawings, Illustrations and More by Everett Davis. This will be one of the first three topics. In it you will find a wealth of information on the Shopsmith tools. Some are directly linked there and others are on “My Google Drive” with documents too large to be directly linked. Everett has become the Shopsmith historian by saving and restoring manuals and other documents. On his google drive is a listing for the Model 10E and 10ER. Use the restored 10ER Manual to be closest to your Shopsmith.

As for your Shopsmith S/N R48245, it is actually a Model 10ER and made in early 1951. When Magna Engineering Corporation, the company formed to make the Shopsmith tools by the inventor and partners, changed from the Model 10E to the 10ER the plate on the tool was changed to just ER in the space where 10E had been.

As Ron said post pictures of anything you have questions about and we can help. The link below explains how to post a picture here on the Forum.


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