Don't Know Why

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Don't Know Why

Post by dusty »

I don't know why (don't have a real reason) but I have momentarily switched to Microsoft Edge from Firefox.

Are any of you using Microsoft Edge and if so have your experiences been good or not so good.
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Re: Don't Know Why

Post by RFGuy »

I have used Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape and Google Chrome browsers over the years (occasionally Safari when I am on a Mac). Each have pluses and minuses. I liked Edge and used it for several years, but towards the end I had some issues using it with specific websites so I switched back to Chrome. Microsoft abandoned their internal browser development; I think like 2 years ago. Since then, Edge has been based on a Chrome browser engine with essentially a Microsoft "skin" on top of it. So, if you are using Edge today it is really a Chrome browser. So, for PC (Windows) use, it really is down to just two major browsers now (Chrome an Firefox). There are some fringe browsers out there, but I am not listing them here...bulk of the market are with these two browsers on Windows.
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Re: Don't Know Why

Post by edma194 »

Hate Edge. Had to use all of these in the past for work. In the long run, IE and Chrome were the best, but everyone always did have and still does have annoying faults. Mentioned right above, the browser industry is shaking out and it's really down to Chrome and Firefox. Customers have their preferences, but in the end the browser doesn't drive hardware and software sales significantly.
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Re: Don't Know Why

Post by twistsol »

The "Standard" browser for work is Edge. I really don't have any issues with it and it has a fairly clean interface. As noted above it is basically Chrome with a different skin. I need to use Chrome to connect to SAP because there are some rendering issues with Edge. For our software testing tool, only Explorer works because it extensively uses activeX controls.

At home, (which is now 3 feet to the left of work and I love the commute) I have Safari, Firefox, Chrome and Edge all installed on my mac for web development testing.

The net result is that all of them work 99% of the time with nearly all of the sites I need to get to, but none of them can be used for 100% of my work.
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