A year on the forum, thanks to everyone!

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A year on the forum, thanks to everyone!

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Just realized I joined this forum just over 1 year ago and now's the time to say a hearty "Thank you!" to everyone here. It's been fantastic to have this source of information on Shopsmiths and the chance to talk with others who appreciate these machines. I remember seeing the ads in the back of magazines when I was a kid and dreaming of having a machine like that some day. When I finally obtained a 1954 Mark V almost 30 years ago I was more than satisfied with it and would soon obtain a 510 also.

In the past several years life got in the way of making things and finally after retirement set out to put my workshop back together again and fill it out with the tools I've wanted for so long. I was pretty limited for the past year, needed both knees replaced, but with the help of my son doing the heavy lifting I upgraded my 510 with a PowerPro, took parts from old Greenies and the 510 head to make a dedicated drill press, assembled my Sawsmith 2000 for the first time since I purchased it a few years earlier, acquired a 10ER in fairly good condition, and now I'm working on a shorty dedicated to sanding.

What a year, and I doubt I'd have gotten far without all you guys. Just having this forum here and all of this expertise online gave me the help and confidence to more forward quickly. Soon I hope to increase my sawdust output significantly. So again, thank you everyone, hope to have many more discussions online about Shopsmiths, other tools, and making stuff for years to come.
Ed from Rhode Island

Mark V 510 with PowerPro headstock, Mark V Greenie with 510 headstock, Mark V 500 in progress
Sawsmith 2000 Ultra, 10ER in progress, 10ER undetermined future
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