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Remembering 20 years ago

Posted: Sat Sep 11, 2021 1:47 pm
by chapmanruss
I still remember that morning. I was leaving the house about 6:30 AM to go to work. Keep in mind I am in Oregon. Instead of the regular music on the radio I heard about the first plane that had hit the World Trade Center. I arrived at work about 15 minutes later to find the TV on and everyone from the off going shift and others from my shift watching and wondering how this happened. As was most of the nation we were glued to the TV. How could an aircraft make such a mistake. Then it happened, the second aircraft hit the other tower. Caught live on TV this was no accident. Emergency responders were already at the scene by the time the second plane hit and more were on their way. 343 of our brother and sister Firefighters were lost in New York that day along with other First Responders, people just going about their day and the people on the two planes. Not to forget those lost at the Pentagon and the brave passengers who over powered the hijackers crashing their plane to save others. As the day went on it was hard to grasp the reality that New York had lost as many Firefighters as the Department I worked for, which was the second largest in Oregon, as we had at the time. On this anniversary of such a tragic event, take a moment to think about those who were lost and there families who are still struggling with that loss and maybe say a prayer for them.

Firefighter Russ Chapman TVFR