New Shopsmith specific YouTube program

Create a review for a woodworking tool that you are familiar with (Shopsmith brand or Non-Shopsmith) or just post your opinion on a specific tool. Head to head comparisons welcome too.

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New Shopsmith specific YouTube program

Post by Ed in Tampa »

I am sure many will object to the video that is expected but toward the end he shows some interesting ideas on modifying the SS.
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Re: New Shopsmith specific YouTube program

Post by edma194 »

Shopsmiths aren't just another power tool from the big box store. If you compare a Shopsmith to a pretty good table saw then that table saw might win, as long as you ignore the lack of variable speed and what it takes to change a blade. Of course you already ignored the lack of other uses that table saw has.

Go down the list one by one:
How well does that 8" disk sander work? Even if it's a 10" or 12" disk is it mounted on a quill?
That drill press you got, does you have to move a belt to change speed? Does it have a mortising attachment? Can you use it as a router/shaper?
Let's look at your horizontal boring machine, does it have... oh, what's that? You don't have one?
How about your lathe? Well, I don't have enough experience there to compare well, but I know you're getting up there price-wise for something of Shopsmith quality.

With any one of those other tools, can you attach a bandsaw, a joiner, a planer, a belt sander, a strip sander, scroll saw, or anything else at all? When you do the comparison from a Shopsmith perspective it will be the alternatives coming up short.

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Re: New Shopsmith specific YouTube program

Post by RFGuy »

I found most of the comments in this video fair and on the money. Sure the title is offensive, but as far as the actual content of the video it is mostly accurate. Don't get me wrong, I love my Mark V, but I also hate some things about it (as I have mentioned on other threads in the past). At the end of the day, you have to remember that it is just a tool. There are other tools that are better and some that are worse for a given task. Every tool has pros and cons and Shopsmith tools are no different.
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Re: New Shopsmith specific YouTube program

Post by sehast »

About the only thing I totally disagree with is his statement that only 1% of the woodworkers have a space issue that prevents them from buying single purpose tools. I would say that is exactly backwards. Maybe 1% have the 1000-2000 square feet to dedicate to a woodshop and also have the money to buy all the best standalone power tools to properly out fit it.
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Re: New Shopsmith specific YouTube program

Post by DLB »

I thought of it as more of a cartoon than a serious tool review. Virtually everything made or designed includes compromises. Lumping all Marks together as though they have the same capabilities and limitations is kind of ignorant. If I had all the money and all the room, there would still be at least one Mark in my shop. And it would not be a dedicated vertical drill press, even though it is exceptionally good in that role.

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Re: New Shopsmith specific YouTube program

Post by chapmanruss »

It looks like another sales person for individual tools bashing the Shopsmith. It would be nice if the "Bear" wanted to make these statements that he first get his facts straight. He is terrible on the history. Just a couple examples. First Shopsmith was the Model 10ER? When were the Shopsmith tools made in San Diego? He makes it look like the Mark 2 replaced the Model 10ER. I could go on but you get the point.

I agree with the sehast that there are many more than 1 percent of the woodworkers out there that have limited space so all individual tools are not an option. Beyond that there are people's budgets to consider. My shop space is part of my garage and I expand into the vehicle parking area to do work. I would have to have individual tool portable so they could each be moved into the parking area for any use. That increases the setup time for each individual tool being moved out and back for the next tool operation so no real time savings there vs. Shopsmith change overs.

I do agree that the table saw has limiting factors but my Shopsmith can be set up to handle larger cuts than my Craftsman 10" Table Saw that includes their upgraded fence/rail system. The Craftsman cannot make as wide a cut as a Shopsmith Mark 5 or Mark V 500 can and on my Mark V 520 or Mark 7 I can add infeed and/or out feed tables to handle larger materials. I only really keep the Craftsman Table Saw for making bevel cuts to avoid tilting the table on the Shopsmith for larger pieces.

He didn't have a lot to say about the other functions of the Shopsmith except the Drill Press maybe because he couldn't really find fault in them compared to individual tools. I do agree with the "Bear" that the Shopsmith is better as a Drill Press than most standalone ones. John's Drill Press setup is a great example of making one a dedicated Drill Press.

Finally I would find it amusing to see him mount a Mark Mount Planer on the Power Station as he says is one of the extra tools the Power Station was for. It all goes to show that anybody can say anything on the internet whether factual or not.

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Re: New Shopsmith specific YouTube program

Post by JPG »

Ed in Tampa wrote: Sat Jan 02, 2021 10:35 am

I am sure many will object to the video that is expected but toward the end he shows some interesting ideas on modifying the SS.
Lotta truth.

Lotta attitude.

Lotta bias.
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Re: New Shopsmith specific YouTube program

Post by algale »

Meh. There was a time when I would have probably left comments on the guy's video defending the Shopsmith. I'm over that. He's owned a Shopsmith or two and he has his opinions. I own one and I have my opinions. He's not changing my mind and I'm not going to try to change his.

Most of us on the forum "get" the Shopsmith and appreciate the things that the Shopsmith can do for us, whether it's the space-saving aspect, or some of the unique functions/features it has. So we put up with the aggravations (for me changeovers) and shortcomings (dust collection/outfeed table size) or design work-arounds for those shortcoming (multiple Shopsmiths, home built outfeeds, etc.). Other can't abide those shortcomings. To each their own.
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Re: New Shopsmith specific YouTube program

Post by StevenAyres »

Here's something else the Shopsmith has over the standalones, and it's significant: a community to talk about it and share tips and advice.
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Re: New Shopsmith specific YouTube program

Post by SkullsquadronX »

Here is something to look at as well. The company it still making parts for a tool that hasn’t change much in over fifty years. They are struggling and still keep it going old or new.

Now that may change in years with the economy the may it is.
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