Sad how bad some machines were treated

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Sad how bad some machines were treated

Post by everettdavis »

I know that so often I find Lazarus candidates being sold after years of neglect. It’s like they purposely find a leaky spot for their ancestors prize possession and tell it Rust in Peace.

I try as often as I can to bring them back. Really solid machines with some ALC. Aggressive Loving Care.
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Re: Sad how bad some machines were treated

Post by chapmanruss »

Very sad.

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Re: Sad how bad some machines were treated

Post by edma194 »

For some reason this Model 10 hasn't sold for almost a year.
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Re: Sad how bad some machines were treated

Post by JPG »

edma194 wrote: Mon Apr 12, 2021 12:32 pm For some reason this Model 10 hasn't sold for almost a year.
Gee and they only have light surface rust. :D
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Re: Sad how bad some machines were treated

Post by db5 »

I see rusting Shopsmiths come up from time to time on CL with something like. . ."my dad's old shopsmith. . .I never learned to use it and just need it gone." It is that statement that saddens me. A father who didn't care enough to teach his son or a son who didn't care enough to want to learn; perhaps neither was connected to the other. It's the story behind that rusting SS that saddens me. I've gone through my equipment, cleaned, aligned, sharpened, lubricated and polished everything because it's about time to pass it all to someone who will use it for the next 30 years.
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Re: Sad how bad some machines were treated

Post by garys »

Like it or not, we need to accept that some machines have been abused so badly that they can't be saved. Those people who won't keep them indoors in a clean environment just destroy the machine so you don't want it anymore. It can easily be more work and cost to rebuild it into working condition than it is worth.
On the other side of the fence, you don't want a used machine previously owned by a tinkerer. These are the ones that, "What is this part? I took it apart so long ago that I can't remember what it is or where it goes." Or, "I broke and lost these parts taking it apart and trying to put it together so it doesn't work anymore. Where can I get new parts?" These machines are what is called in the car restoration circles, "Basket Cases". They are great as parts, but not as a usable machine.
It is a cruel world out there for machines that aren't cared for or used properly.
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Re: Sad how bad some machines were treated

Post by RFGuy »

It is sad to see any piece of machinery or tool get abused and/or fall into dis-repair. Not every one of them will survive and that is just life unfortunately. One factor that I think affects it is just the personality of the owner. My Dad raised me to honor and respect every tool, so I do the same. My father-in-law on the other hand would leave hand tools (wrenches, screwdrivers, hammers, etc.) sitting outside overnight (to rust) while he worked on a project. Tools would get lost for him as well. Maybe he had a bit of ADHD in him that caused this or maybe he just didn't have anyone to mentor him on how to care for tools when he was young. Just saying that maybe some owners prefer the use & abuse & discard it mentality when it comes to tools, but some of us are the opposite. It could just be a personality difference in owners and will always be this way.
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