A Response to Stumpy Nubs "Table Saw Blade Guard Myths BUSTED!" & How To Use Shopsmith Saw Guards

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A Response to Stumpy Nubs "Table Saw Blade Guard Myths BUSTED!" & How To Use Shopsmith Saw Guards

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SHOP NOTES: DON'T MISS WHAT HAPPENS AT 5:55! James Hamilton AKA: Stumpy Nubs posted an excellent video this past weekend talking about safety and saw guard use among Youtube content creators and the myth that using guards is somehow unmanly.

In this video response (of sorts) I go over how to install the modern Shopsmith Mark V and Mark 7 upper and lower saw guards. It's not difficult and it could save your hand.

And always remember, "Don't use remaining fingers as push sticks."

Watch James' excellent video "Table Saw Blade Guard Myths BUSTED!" here: https://youtu.be/YyB2Yeohvcw

0:00 - Intro
5:55 - Convert Shopsmith Mark V from Drill Press to Table Saw

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