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Probably many of you will already have this figured out, but I thought I'd share some recent findings:

I'd been having issues with my Pro Planer for a while and it was getting worse. It was ending up that I was literally having to force the piece through the planer with a long push stick and even then it would sometimes tear bits out of the outfeed roller. I checked and greased the feeder springs and sharpened the blades, which only helped very slightly. My shop is not generally damp, but when cleaning the bed because I noted a piece of stuck resin, I also noticed that there was a very very mild coating of rust on the bed itself, almost invisible without shining a light in there. I used a very mild abrasive cleaner to remove the rust and for good measure, I gave the bed a wipe-over with wax, that I use on the table saw beds.
Wow! That sucker now runs like a dream, like having a brand new planer.
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