Help. What Are These Parts That Came With My SS 10E?

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Re: Help. What Are These Parts That Came With My SS 10E?

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chapmanruss wrote: Fri Aug 05, 2022 12:29 pm There is nothing wrong with your Fence or your wood Extension Table, it's just how the fence is made. All the Model 10E first version Fences (ones without a rear lock) I have owned are the same as yours. Below is a picture of one of mine sitting on a recreation wood Extension Table. It sits the same way as yours does. When mounted on the Main Table the Fence Base (P/N 107-1) attached to the Fence Bar (P/N 103-6) keeps the gap at the infeed side too. I don't know the reason for it but that could explain the design with the gap even over the Main Table. This does make the outfeed end of the Fence sit slightly higher than the infeed end of the Fence when on the wood Extension Table. This is not a problem while it is in use.

10E Fence on Wood Extension Table.jpg
One downside of using the Fence on the Wood Extension Table is you have to align it every time you use it. You can have it very close with an initial alignment of the Table to the Bracket and Bar to the Extension Pins (double ended threaded posts) but there is still a little wiggle room there. Magna made the Metal Extension Upgrade available to existing 10E owners which was better for change overs not having to check alignment each time using the Fence on the metal Extension Table. One of the Model 10E's I have restored came with that upgrade along with the original wood Extension Table parts.

As for those raised center washers, I have had many non Shopsmith parts included with the Shopsmith's I have purchased including non Shopsmith Arbors.
Very helpful. And that restore job is mint! 😮

The polish on the accessories 😍👌
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Re: Help. What Are These Parts That Came With My SS 10E?

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That Extension Table and Fence is on the Shopsmith Model 10E S/N 1077 shown on the first page of the thread I gave you the link for titled Shopsmith Model 10's What When and Where.

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