Pocket Holes on a Shopsmith: The Easy Way

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Pocket Holes on a Shopsmith: The Easy Way

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Another take on producing pocket screw holes on the ends of board, like those commonly found on a face frame, drilled with a Shopsmith. Over the years I've purchased at least SIX different generations of the Kreg jig, including the original all-aluminum jig and evolving through to the newest 520PRO, but the great news is, when combined with the forward-tilt of the Shopsmith main table, the simplest of the clamping Kreg jigs is all you need. The most important features to look for is a fixed drill guide and a moveable clamp, with the lever on the same side as the clamp lever. This isn't true of many of the Kreg jigs, and the great news is that it is true of the cheapest of the clamping pocket hole jigs. Here's a short video on my approach: https://youtu.be/McHQ_NdRoC4

This is the simplest front-clamping Kreg jig made today and is the one I would buy again:https://amzn.to/3PvBaF1
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