Table saw alignment fixture (Rockler)

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Re: Table saw alignment fixture (Rockler)

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Now if you really want to drive yourself nuts, after you get the slot aligned to the blade to your liking (e.g., 0.005), check it again with the table tilted. If it's still 0.005, you're gold. But if it isn't, it can't be corrected just by rotating the table. It means the table is canted forwards or backwards (i.e., the trunnion's axis of rotation isn't parallel to the table top). The table needs to be shimmed between the table and the trunnions. Unfortunately, I can't remember offhand which end needs to be shimmed for which error or by how much.
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Re: Table saw alignment fixture (Rockler)

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I might have missed it above, but make sure you're measuring on the same tooth, at the same point. Take a sharpie and mark that tooth, measure at front (or back), then rotate and measure at the opposite from where you first measured it. This ensures that you aren't measuring a tooth with a slightly different set.

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