Self-study guide as homeschool shop class curriculum?

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Re: Self-study guide as homeschool shop class curriculum?

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Curious to see where this goes. We have 7 kids (1 boy, then 6 girls) and have homeschooled the last 15 years. Our son is moved out now, and this year is the first year we put any kids in school (oldest daughter as a sophomore and next oldest in 5th grade). The rest we are still keeping at home and homeschooling, at least for now. Our routines and schedules sound very similar to yours. I didn’t grow up with a shop class offering or parents with know-how. I feel I missed the boat on teaching my son but I guess there is still time as an adult. I’d like to offer similar to any daughters who had interest. Keep us posted on decisions and progress!
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Re: Self-study guide as homeschool shop class curriculum?

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I've discussed it with my wife and she doesn't feel that any of them should use any type of power tool. I'll probably start by teaching them about the hand tools that I have, just need to do some upkeep on them so they work well (remove rust, wax, and sharpen various tools). I'll probably also hand them the sander or drill and let them go at it with that. My only concern in teaching them to use my tools is I'll get home to find tools have been abused or went missing while I wasn't around to help. Generally they put my screwdrivers back as it is, but that fear will always be there.

I'll probably start them soon on hand saws and sandpaper or maybe a power sander here soon. Maybe have them help me build some small projects that are needed around the house.
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