Its only money ????

Create a review for a woodworking tool that you are familiar with (Shopsmith brand or Non-Shopsmith) or just post your opinion on a specific tool. Head to head comparisons welcome too.

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Re: Its only money ????

Post by bainin »

I just broke down and bought about 280 bd-ft of "reclaimed" 2X4's from a junk hauler.

Had to throw out some with termite holes, some which were pressure treated..but I still have
this leftover after soap and water scrub + rinse.

$100 ... I just need to make enough reindeer with them to make the money back :)
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Re: Its only money ????

Post by dylanbar »

That's not bad at all, should I try to do the same maybe? Since I am not working right now. I have some money saved which I planned to use for buying a new house, but since the prices are continuously growing with some huge rates, it's not the best moment to buy it right now. There is an interesting article on about the signs of market crash, and I've started to analyze when there is a possibility for it to happen, so I am gonna wait a bit for that time to come, otherwise I am not going to spend so much money.
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Re: Its only money ????

Post by Hobbyman2 »

I was at the Big box yesterday, I keep looking for them to rope off the lumber isle and post a sign that reads for display only product no longer available ?
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Re: Its only money ????

Post by RFGuy »

Might be the only bright spot in the current macroeconomic environment, but lumber futures are finally down to pre-pandemic levels again (~$430). Let's hope they stay there and that retail sales trend down to match, as they often do. Fingers crossed, but hopefully in a couple of months retail sales will correct...perhaps a bright spot for us woodworkers. :)
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