Opening a new 4-Drawer Hardware Organizer from Olympia Tools 90-800 Shortcuts in Description

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Opening a new 4-Drawer Hardware Organizer from Olympia Tools 90-800 Shortcuts in Description

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Shortcuts below. In this video, I explain my experience selling similar hardware and organizational systems and my desire to get this corner of my home shop organized. This Olympia Tools 90-800 4-Drawer Hardware Organizer includes 2000-pieces of small, common hardware that every home DIYer would find useful and in my opinion, is totally worth it.

Buy the Organizer on Amazon: Reasonable price + Amazon accountability.
Buy the Organizer on eBay: You'll typically find the best price on eBay, but read details carefully.

0:00 - Yappin' about stuff.
4:18 - Hallelujah, it's finally out of the box!
4:28 - 96 X $1.28 =$122.88 + Tax Lowes actually charges $1.28 per pack.
5:30 - HDX Interlocking Black Small Parts Organizers (See link below)

Check out the “Small Town Machine Shop” channel to see his impressive Lawson Products
Layout: I really appreciate what he's doing over on his channel and that he gave me the official okey-dokey to use the screenshot from his vid. Be sure to check him out.

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Products used in this video (in no particular order):
I LOVE these HDX Interlocking Black Small Parts Organizers. They are available at The Home Depot and sell for around $10 for a 2 pack. I'm only going to link to them here for your information but I don't suggest purchasing them from Amazon and you'll see why.

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