What’s Your Shopsmith Connection?

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Re: What’s Your Shopsmith Connection?

Post by Mike »

Back in the 70’s my brother took over my dad’s 10ER and I had not even thought much of them till I gave my 1960’s 12-14 Delta Rockwell Table Saw , Dewalt radial arm saw and David and Wells joiner and some other old equipment that I restored to some people that had done me some solids over the years. I was moving out of my 6500 SF shop to retire and the Shopsmith seemed like the perfect answer to the minor wood working projects I anticipated.
So I rebuilt one 500 and found another to make into a great drill press. Found a 510 to upgrade the 500 and it was in great shape “as is” for use with all the auxiliary attachments.
Then I found a rusted up 10ER and like JPG now have MickeyD’s, JPG’s and others restorations as inspiration. Don’t expect to be as exquisite but hope to at least have one that is respectable.
I love old tools, have a huge collection of H.D Smith tools if anyone wants to see some unusual pieces. I collect old ice chest and baseball stuff.
Shopsmith and this forum came into my life at the right time. Thanks all
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Re: What’s Your Shopsmith Connection?

Post by reible »

I grew up with a woodshop in our basement and even had a thriving birdhouse business in my very early years. We even had a combo tool, tilting table table saw and jointer with single motor. The motor was a dual shaft and you put the belt on the machine you wanted to use or you could leave them both running if you wanted to cut then joint. Even back then I wanted a shopsmith but there was no money for one.

Somewhere along the way shopsmith went out of business and I was out on my own so I no longer had a shop to work in and even if I did I couldn't buy a nice new shopsmith. Life went on, got married and I did my service in the Army and GI billed an education. Got a job and we rented an apartment for a few year. This was when Shopsmith was rebooted. So while I still wanted one there was no place to keep one much less use it.

We moved to a two flat and it had a basement that I could use as I wanted. It was time for tools again. I tried to find a used shopsmith to save some money but never found one. I did by a table saw and a few other goodies like router and bandsaw so I was back at woodworking. I got a promotion and at the time we were in the middle of a major project at work and paid overtime. So I took the extra money and got my first shopsmith in 1976. At the time they had a three day class as part of the incentive to buy and I seem to remember it cost me $745. Or at least something like that.

We purchased a house and I took over part of the garage as a shop and we are still here. I went a long while with the single shopsmith but began to worry what would happen if it died, and at the time I had a lot of on going projects and had upgrade the machine to the 520 system and all the steps along the way. I found a used 510, a basket case but it was cheap. I restored it as needed and found I did not love the 510 system. So I upgraded that one to the 520 as well.

I had started a second shop in the UP of MI since we were spending a good deal of time up there. The shop was a 500 and a bandsaw.

I added a lot of SPT's and other attachments over time, belt sander, two strip sanders, jig saw, scroll saw, joint-matic the old OPR and the list goes on. This includes 2 powerpro's and two M7 packages. I presently have one setup as my main machine, a second as a drill press and a third as a saw train system. In storage I have the machine that came back from the UP and a shorty that is still in progress. The 10ER is also a work in progress but mostly done, just no time to finish it up and an unattached headstock that I got to rewire to add reverse and another project that may never happen.

My two sons who live locally both have shopsmiths. So we are a shopsmith family and most if not all of my tools will be going to them at some point and if my Daughter and her husband want any of it there is plenty to go around. They are in DE so there is the transportation issue with heavy equipment.

I also have non shopsmith tools, 4 and 6 inch jointers, 13 planer, drum sander, second bandsaw, etc.

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Re: What’s Your Shopsmith Connection?

Post by Ishkabbible »

Just picked up a 10ER from an estate sale in wonderful shape that the previous owner was using as a work bench? No idea why. I literally have no need of anymore shop equipment, but thinking back to a brief encounter with one about 40 years ago, I couldn't resist when I saw it ignominiously holding up a chunk of plywood. Gotta get familiar with it, but I'm loving the idea of a wall attached vertical drill press. Especially since I'm about out of floor space in my shop. Forgot the golden rule when building my pole barn shop; you can never go too big. Glad I found this group. Looking forward to learning a lot more about these ingenious machines.
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Re: What’s Your Shopsmith Connection?

Post by JPG »

Welcome to the funny farm. I think you will come to love a wall mounted 10ER drill press.
╟JPG ╢

Goldie(Bought New SN 377425)/4" jointer/6" beltsander/12" planer/stripsander/bandsaw/powerstation /Scroll saw/Jig saw /Craftsman 10" ras/Craftsman 6" thicknessplaner/ Dayton10"tablesaw(restoredfromneighborstrashpile)/ Mark VII restoration in 'progress'/ 10
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Re: What’s Your Shopsmith Connection?

Post by chapmanruss »


Nice Shopsmith connection. I think you will enjoy having this 10ER.

Mark V completely upgraded to Mark 7
Mark V 520
All SPT's & 2 Power Stations
Model 10ER S/N R64000 first one I restored on bench w/ metal ends & retractable casters.
Has Speed Changer, 4E Jointer, Jig Saw with lamp, a complete set of original accessories & much more.
Model 10E S/N 1077 oldest one I have restored. Mark 2 S/N 85959 restored. 10E S/N 1076 & others to be restored.
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