Selling old shop smith: seeking help on how much and where

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Selling old shop smith: seeking help on how much and where

Post by Ashleek312 »

Hello- I have my grandfathers 1961 ShopSmith Mark5 that I am looking to sell. It still works, in great condition, and has a bunch of accessory parts and pamphlets/books. My research is telling me I can ask about $1,500 for it. I’m curious to hear what this community thinks it’s worth.

Unfortunately my images are too big to load here. Trying to upload from my phone.

Thanks for all your help! I know my grandfather would want me to put in the work and sell it for what it’s worth. He was an engineer and kept everything in prestige condition with a lot of love and care.
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Re: Selling old shop smith: seeking help on how much and where

Post by JPG »

Where ya at?


Your grandfather would want you to prevent it from taking a ride to the landfill!
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Re: Selling old shop smith: seeking help on how much and where

Post by chapmanruss »


Welcome to the Shopsmith Forum.

Prices vary for a lot of reasons. First keep in mind the prices you are seeing in your area are asking prices and not necessarily the price it will sell for. The part of the country you live in, condition of the Mark 5, completeness including any extra accessories and even age all play a part in its value to a buyer. This is why JPG started with "Where ya at?"

1961 had a major change made to the Headstock as it went from the Gilmer Drive to the Poly V Drive. The Gilmer Drive is less popular and many early Mark 5 owners have upgraded their Headstocks. Serial Number 371347 and below were Gilmer Drive Headstocks. Another change was the motor going from 3/4 HP to 1-1/8 HP again the latter being more popular.

I live in the Pacific Northwest and right now there are two Mark 5 "Goldies" for sale not too far from me. One was made in May 1961 (1-1/8 HP motor) and has a Belt Sander with it for $270 currently which has been for sale over a month. The other (unknown date) is for sale for $150 and it too has been for sale for over a month.

That brings me to my last point, how long are you willing to wait to get that best sale price.

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Re: Selling old shop smith: seeking help on how much and where

Post by joelgardner »

There are 3 Mark 5s for sale in central Wisconsin right now. The posted prices range from $800 to $200 and they have all been available for several weeks.

I purchased an older 10E that was very rusty and missing accessories for $75 last month so it really does depend on your location, the current supply of used machines in your area, and who is looking to buy one.

Larger markets near a big city will have more buyers, if you are 2 hours out in the country, just look for someone that wants to put it to use for another generation instead of scrapping it for the metal, and take what they can pay.
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Re: Selling old shop smith: seeking help on how much and where

Post by jpdalton »

All great advice you’re getting from the group here. I would add that the price you may command will be very dependent on the sorts of accessories that are included. Are you talking bandsaw/jointer/belt sander/jigsaw type accessories, or are you talking lots of saw blades, arbors, sanding and other small accessories? If it’s the former, each of those might add $150-200 to a package price that starts with the base Mark 5 system that alone is likely only in the $200-300 value range. If it’s the latter, those don’t likely add much to the value of the machine, and you’re still in a $200-300 range.

A couple of things to remember:
  • These systems are generally worth less than the sum of the parts. If you want to maximize your overall return, you’ll have to take the time to sell components individually. If your grandfather would want to see it kept together, you may be selling a buyer more than they want or need, so may effectively have to “throw in” some items to keep it together.
  • Buyers won’t pay a premium for “classic” machines. While there have been changes and improvements made over the years, functionally they’re the same machine for the last 65+ years, so while a 1950s machine may be made of more robustly constructed components than it’s modern equivalent, most buyers would opt for a newer model… just because it’s newer.
To make your most effective sale, make sure it’s cleaned up (how many ads have we all seen asking way too much for a ratty/rusty machine pictured in a barn covered with trash?!), and take lots of good pictures with the accessories in place, and featuring the main machine in its 5 primary functions. Chances are, your prospective buyer is unfamiliar with all the cool things a Shopsmith will do, and if you show that person some possibilities they weren’t considering, you may get a more premium price.

Or maybe you decide to hang out on these forums more, get some great advice from enthusiasts, and keep it for yourself! Either way, good luck!
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