Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Post by john »

To all you folks south of the border:

Have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving!

And don't spend too much on Black Friday.

Take care.

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Re: Happy Thanksgiving!

Post by Hobbyman2 »

Back at ya !! Be safe and may your home be filled with happiness ..
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Re: Happy Thanksgiving!

Post by jsburger »

Goble Goble Goble!!!
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Re: Happy Thanksgiving!

Post by chapmanruss »

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Time to sign off and cook the turkey.

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Re: Happy Thanksgiving!

Post by thunderbirdbat »

Happy Thanksgiving.

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Re: Happy Thanksgiving!

Post by BuckeyeDennis »

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone … enjoy a great night’s sleep after all that turkey!

My youngest daughter is a fairly newly-minted nurse, so she had to work today, and our turkey-day feast is set for tomorrow. I’m not a morning person, so this afternoon I got the turkey breasts dry-brining in a cooler, the smoker hooked up to the natural gas line, and the mesquite chips foil-packed and ready for action at 9am. Yum!

My wife did the hard part, as usual. She made a gazillion yummy sides, not to mentiion all tbe food for for the big-game party on Saturday. Ohio State vs. that state up north. A REALLY big game, this year!
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