"Days" of Savings

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"Days" of Savings

Post by adrianpglover »

Not sure I quite understand SS's current sales initiative. At first I thought they were going to have 12 consecutive days of deals where the deal changed each day. Now it looks like each sale is going on for ~3 days, but I haven't kept track so not sure what it is exactly.

I've been watching it to see if the universal tool rest goes on sale and if so, for how much. Probably won't buy it this month though. I've already sunk enough money into my shop this month on a 20 year old air compressor. My work gave me a 60 gallon IR compressor that had stopped working for them. They just bought a new copy and wrote that one off. Plugged it in when I got home and smoke issued forth from the motor, and so I ordered a new, but very cheap branded, motor on Amazon. Compressor stage worked fine, and so far no big leaks. In any case, the motor, plus all of the fittings (changing from 1/4" fittings to 1/2" fittings as all of my feed hose is 1/2" to my hose reels), and now I'm out quite a bit already.

Sorry, I'm long winded. This is all to say, has anyone else been a little confused by the naming of SS's Christmas sales campaign vs what they're actually doing? I mean, it's obviously going to go on for more than 12 days, but they call it the "12 Days of Savings"...
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Re: "Days" of Savings

Post by jsburger »

I haven't been paying attention but I looked closely at yesterdays email. I got it at 3pm on 4 Dec and it runs until midnight ET on 6 Dec. The banner at the top of the email says it is the 3rd Days of Savings. To me the operative word is Days with an S. The campaign is "Days of Savings".I interpret that to mean there will be 12 different sales emails not just 12 individual days with something on sale. Just doing the math in my head with ~3 days per sale that means there will be something on sale every day until Christmas.
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Re: "Days" of Savings

Post by DLB »

The UTR goes on sale with some regularity. It was last on sale 11/15/2023 for 20% off, PN 555811 was $255.20, regularly $319. That is per the email. Seems likely that if one looked on line during the sale the "Package" (555868) would also be on sale, regularly $389, which includes three specialty tool rests. Shipping is pretty high on these due to bulk and weight, so a "free shipping" event is also a substantial reduction.

- David
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