Mesquite band saw boxes

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Re: Mesquite band saw boxes

Post by john »

Very Nice!

I like that wood tone and grain.

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Re: Mesquite band saw boxes

Post by algale »

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Re: Mesquite band saw boxes

Post by adamkearns »

Looks great! With which did you cover these wooden boxes?
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Re: Mesquite band saw boxes

Post by artman60 »

Those are beautiful, you have given me a goal to shoot for, Kudos.
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Re: Mesquite band saw boxes

Post by STB »

adamkearns wrote:Looks great! With which did you cover these wooden boxes?
The boxes were finished with one coat of hand rubbed sanding sealer, rubbing the sealer into the open grain and inclusions. After sanding a wipe on coat of polyurethane was applied and sanded. The final finish was Johnson paste wax applied with a worn-out scotch pad then buffed. I experimented with several stains and finishes but leaving the finish natural wood and waxing seamed to give it a warm natural look that felt good to the touch.
As a side note Rounds were saved from the shredder after the very old Mesquite tree was cut down for a nature walk parking lot.
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Re: Mesquite band saw boxes

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A 'very old mesquite tree' was cut down so as to create a parking lot for a nature trail.

Good Grief!!!
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Re: Mesquite band saw boxes

Post by ChrisNeilan »

Chris Neilan

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