Woodpecker tools

Create a review for a woodworking tool that you are familiar with (Shopsmith brand or Non-Shopsmith) or just post your opinion on a specific tool. Head to head comparisons welcome too.

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Woodpecker tools

Post by cooch366 »

I’ve been getting emails from woodpeckers for a few weeks and really like some of their stuff. But find the prices tough to pull the trigger.

Any thoughts on the 6 in 1 shop gauge?

I’m thinking I may splurge and treat myself but would like some of your valuable input and insight...

Thanks. Steve

http://e.woodpeck.com/t/l?ssid=34643&su ... wI2QZd8WCU
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Re: Woodpecker tools

Post by dusty »

I say go for it. Somebody is buying them or they would not be selling them. You might as well be one of those with an unreasonably expensive toy that your usage will probably never justify.

Buy it because YOU WANT IT.
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Re: Woodpecker tools

Post by claimdude »

+1 what Dusty said. I have a bunch of Woodpecker stuff and the only time I have regretted a purchase is when they improve a one-tool I already own... then it is eBay with the old and in the new ;-)

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