Fabricated lathe tool rest for 10ER

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Fabricated lathe tool rest for 10ER

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I couldn't easily find a stock tool rest that I wanted to buy so I decided to fabricate something. It took me longer than I wanted but I finally finished making two of them. Well, not exactly finished. Right now I'm using a galvanized and black pipe Tees. These are the weak links but are actually working pretty will right now. I just kind of used what I had on hand. I will make new Tees out of thick walled steel pipe and weld a nut on for a stronger hold. I already had the 1" steel rod that was pretty rusty when I started. I ended up making a 6" and a 14" rest because I had two pieces that length. Anyway, it seems to work pretty well and it is very solid and I can configure it different ways very quickly.
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