SS Planer Pro

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SS Planer Pro

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I'm uncertain whether the rules of this discussion board permit communication about SS pieces of equipment for sale, but here goes. If I'm offending the rules, pardon. I recently had the good fortune offer my SS overhead rig for sale on this site and a nice SS guy nearby and I completed the transaction because of this discussion group. I was pleased that SS router rig went to a good SS home.

I have a SS Planer Pro on a stand, along with a cover and an spare set of new blades. I do not use the planer hardly at all and space is a limitation. I've purchased it used about 10 years ago when I had a large shop, but have downsized. Also, I have shifted to hand tool woodworking, and use my SS for supplementing my hand work. I do not use the Planer Pro.

I would be surprised if I have used the Planer Pro over 70 hours total in the entire time of my ownership. The unit is in excellent condition.

I'm in Dallas. I'm uncertain of the pricing and am willing to discuss.

If anyone is interested, send me a private message. Shipping it would be difficult because of the size of the unit and free standing table that it sits on.
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