Reassembling the Base and Carriage

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Base and Carriage Reassembly

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This thread is intended to illustrate the reassembly of a MarkV Base and Carriage.

Notice the use of 'horses' to raise and support the 'work underway'. This allows rotating the entire frame so as to better 'get at' those things normally difficult because they are 'underneath'. Keep this in mind when viewing the pix. Many are viewpoints you are not accustomed to seeing! The legs are intentionally left until nearly last for this reason.

Base Reassembly(A) Bench Tubes ... #post41342

Base Reassembly(B) Way Tubes

Base Reassembly(C) Hinge Pin ... #post41466

Carriage Reassembly(A) ... #post41467

Carriage Reassembly(B) ... #post41468

Level Way tubes(A)

Level Way tubes(B) ... #post41477

SPT Clamps ... #post41481

Reattaching Legs ... #post41541

This thread is currently being created. Please be patient!

This thread is one of several which illustrate a method of reassembling a Mark V. ... #post41339

Any errors or confusion of which I become aware of WILL be 'fixed'. I solicit input regarding them.
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